Madrid Ostelea 

The capital

The Spanish capital is Europe’s most welcoming city, combining the

most modern infrastructures and its status as an economic, financial,

administrative and service hub. Its privileged location right at the heart

of Spain means that it is well connected to the rest of the country’s

Autonomous Communities, with great transport links bridging distances

and facilitating the city’s status as a leading venue for large events and

activities at a national and international level.



Cultural wealth

Madrid has an immense wealth of cultural and artistic heritage, the

legacy of centuries of momentous history. It boasts a number of great

tourist attractions, making it one of Europe’s most visited cities,

including the Palacio Real, the Prado Museum, the Teatro Circo Price,

the Matadero and the city’s 20 Michelin-starred restaurants, from among

the more than 15,000 bars and restaurants in the city, making it a

world leader in terms of gastronomy and culinary quality.



International events

In recent years, Madrid has positioned itself as the 3rd leading city in the

world in terms of organizing international events, hosting more than 200

annual congresses per year, which attract over a million participants from

all over the world. One key example is FITUR, the International Tourism Fair,

which attracted more than 245,000 participants and 9,700 companies last year.



Leisure and culture

The cultural pursuits on offer in Madrid are rich and varied, making

it impossible to get bored in the city. Not a day goes by without a

huge range of concerts, plays, recitals and exhibitions.



Madrid and its nightlife

The city’s vibrant nightlife is world famous, with a broad selection of pubs,

theatre-cafés and nightclubs open until late, making it an authentic 24-hour




Ostelea Campus

The Ostelea Campus in Madrid is located very centrally on Calle Príncipe

de Vergara, a long street in the prestigious neighbourhoods of Salamanca

and Chamartín, crossing many of the city’s main thoroughfares.