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Master Executive in Hotel and Restaurant Company Management - Madrid

April 2020

Part Time

Ostelea has decided to develop a programme of the Master's Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Company Management, the objective of which is to equip professionals and directors to lead global business projects in the field of hospitality management.

The Master is taught in Madrid, which is the first city in Spain in number of hotels.

Executive Master in Hotel Management and Restoration
Reasons to take the Master

Management skills

  • Special emphasis on revenue management, which is taught through a business game. This particular area of hotel marketing is developed extensively in this specialty through an applied vision through a business game.
  • Students learn to develop the basic competences required to manage professional projects effectively through a program covering 10 Soft Skills.
  • Case method: The case method allows the student to systematically improve his decision making process through the discussion of cases of real tourism companies. In addition, this methodology allows to develop other skills such as creativity, analytical thinking, oral and written communication skills, and interpersonal skills. Some of the cases worked on previous courses for this program have been El Bulli and Ryanair.
  • Coaching program: Master students can participate in Ostelea’s coaching program, which includes group sessions in various fields, such as emotional coaching and family coaching.
  • Program for developing executive competences: Tourism Skills Development Program (TSDP).
  • Monthly conferences with executives from hotels and restaurant companies or CEO’s from representative companies of the sector.

Attendance at Trade Fairs

  • Attendance at sector fairs: Students attend sector fairs such as Alimentaria (Barcelona), considered one of the most important food fairs in the world; Or IBTM (Barcelona), one of the benchmarks in business tourism. HOREQ (Madrid), the professional salon of suppliers for the Hospitality Industry and the tourist sector, or the Gourmets Hall (Madrid), the international fair for quality food and drinks. Attendance at these fairs will depend on entering by date within the academic period of the subject to demand.

Employability and Entrepreneurship

  • Employability-focused tuition: Professional Careers programs, Employability Week, Employment Forum, Graduate Programs, among other initiatives (subject to demand).
  • "Hotel Consultancy: real experiences from one to one": the student will make 4 days of training composed of workshops and visits to hotels to deal with real cases that occur in the hotel sector:
    • Day 1: The challenge. A Hotel (or chain branded hotel) will present a real case to the students (students will be divided into groups). The groups (with a professor) will have to solve the challenge on day 4.
    • Day 2: Tutorized workshop (I). The groups (with the professor) will begin to work on the resolution of the challenge
      Day 3: Tutorized workshop (II). After working on the solutions, the groups will have another Workshop (with a professor) to share those solutions with him and receive feedback.
    • Day 4: Presentation of the solutions proposed by the groups to the Hotel. Feedback and evaluation by the Hotel.
  • Ostelea gives its students access to the Entrepreneurship Service, based on: Project selection + Training + Access to Finance + Accompaniment. 

Other important values

  • Ostelea is an affiliated member of the Asociación Española de Directores y Directivos de Hotel.
  • Seminars on Hospitality (Barcelona) and Sustainability (Madrid).
  • Language: English or French to choose.
  • Ostelea is an affiliated member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).


The Master will give you the following benefits
The Master in Hotel and Restaurant Company Management will give you the following benefits:


Building a firm knowledge base in the hotel industry from an international perspective and always with an executive approach.


Developing the capacity for creativity and innovation required in hotel companies for sustainable management through comprehensive and specialized tuition, equipping participants to take on positions of responsibility in hotel establishments.


Training directors equipped to manage hotel and restaurant companies and who are able to achieve the expected results at a global level.


Developing the skills required of a global manager of hotel and restaurant companies to enable them to work cooperatively, assertively and participatively with all of the members of the team


Learning the key factors involved in drafting strategic and immediate action plans in national and international hotel and restaurant settings.


Professional Careers
Ostelea gives its students training designed to enhance employability


TSDP - (Tourism Skills Developement Program)

An exclusive program on which you will learn to develop your competences and skills.

The TSDP contains 55 hours of tuition (limited places), including:

  • Executive skills
  • Public Relations
  • Advanced Excel
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Coaching
  • Employability: 3 workshops focusing on selection processes and improving your application
  • Entrepreneurship: guidance and advice are given through the Entrepreneurs Program
  • Career Transitions: 5 workshops to give students guidance on their professional future
  • (Choose one)
Talent Tourism Week

With the participation of leading companies in the sector, presenting their employment and internship opportunities and interviewing students who are potential candidates.

Employment Forum

Participating companies post their employment and internship opportunities online and interview our students.

Graduate Program

Run by multinational companies (Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, Hotusa, etc.), the aim of these programs is to select the most suitable candidates.

Company Meetings

Conferences with national and international companies, giving students the chance to discover the profiles in the highest demand in the sector.

Professional opportunities
  • Hotel management. Restaurant company management.
  • Management of hotel or restaurant groups of companies.
  • Corporate department directors of hotel chains.
  • Hotel division management in company groups.
  • Food & Beverage division management.
  • Operational supervisor of collective centres.
Training Plan

Ostelea’s Master in Hotel and Restaurant Company Management is divided into 6 modules

  • Structure and international finance of the tourism sector.
  • Talent management and innovation in global context in global context.
  • Strategic management and operations in the hotel and restaurant sector in global context.
  • International hotel and restaurant marketing and commercialization.
  • Intensificación en Food & Beverage
  • Master’s Thesis. 

Within each of these modules, there are several courses in which you will learn about:

What content will you learn in the Master?
Grey Accordion title

[paragraph:field_order_number:value] Estructura y finanzas del sector turístico

  • Estructura del mercado turístico mundial

3 Créditos - Obligatoria

  • Finanzas internacionales para el sector turístico

6 Créditos - Obligatoria

[paragraph:field_order_number:value] Gestión del talento y la innovación en contextos globales

  • Gestión del capital intelectual y del talento en contextos globales

6 Créditos - Obligatoria

  • Innovación y mentalidad emprendedora

3 Créditos - Obligatoria

[paragraph:field_order_number:value] Dirección estratégica y operativa en el sector hotelero y de restauración en entornos globales

  • Dirección y planificación global de empresas hoteleras y de restauración

6 Créditos - Obligatoria

  • Operaciones y calidad para empresas internacionales de hotelería y restauración

6 Créditos - Obligatoria

[paragraph:field_order_number:value] Marketing y comercialización internacional para hotelería y restauración

  • Gestión comercial internacional para empresas de hotelería y de restauración

6 Créditos - Obligatoria

  • Estrategias de marketing internacional y revenue management para empresas de hotelería y restauración

6 Créditos - Obligatoria

[paragraph:field_order_number:value] Intensificación en Food & Beverage

  • Innovación en producto, marketing, operaciones, gestión y análisis de F&B

6 Créditos - Obligatoria

[paragraph:field_order_number:value] Trabajo de Fin de Máster

  • Trabajo de Fin de Máster

12 Créditos - Obligatoria


The Executive Master in Management of International Tourism, specializing in Hotel Management and Restoration in Madrid, is directed by Susana Gómez-Sellés, a graduate in Information Systems Management-Computer Science Degree from the University of Maryland. Member of the Board of Directors at Sand Resorts, S.L. Founder and co-owner of Hotel Finca Chica (Costa Rica), teacher at EAE Business School and the Istituto Europeo di Design IED, at the Master of Strategic Design Labs.

Directors of the
Susana Gómez-Sellés
Susana Gómez-Sellés

Development projects. Training, Innovation, CSR.

Rodrigo Sorzano
Rodrigo Sorzano

Senior Sales Executive in NH Hoteles Group. Account Manager at Meliá Hotels International. Responsible for PYMES accounts in Sol Meliá Hotels. Postgraduate course in congress tourism management, congress and OPC companies, European University of Madrid. Diploma in Tourism, European University of Madrid

Patricia Miralles
Patricia Miralles

I + D + i Projects Coordinator at ITH

Gonzalo Hurtado
Gonzalo Hurtado

General Director at Platea

Sonia González

Regional Director revenue management NH Hotel Group

Joaquín Puerta
Joaquín Puerta

Partner and Director at Taimar CFF

Tamara Varela Rilo
Tamara Varela Rilo

HR Area Manager at Meliá Hotels International

Jose Antonio Arnedo
Jose Antonio Arnedo

Hotel manager, co-owner of Billion Travel Solutions

Pablo Contreras,
Pablo Contreras

Director Ideas Action Lab

Mónica Muñoz
Mónica Muñoz

Founder & Partner The Innova Room

The Master has given me a vision on how to orient myself in the business world. Now I manage the necessary terms to be able to have a business idea, develop a CANVAS, a Business Plan, etc.
Ostelea Graduation
EAE Business School
Asociación española de directores de hotel
Organización Mundial del Turismo
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Universitat de Lleida

The admission process ensures the candidates’ suitability and, as a result, all of the participants can make the very most of this learning experience.

To begin the admission process, candidates must complete the information request form.

After that, Ostelea gets in contact with the candidate to schedule an interview, to which they must bring the following documentation:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • 3 years' professional experience

After completing the interview, Admissions Committee analyses the applications case by case and notifies the candidate of its decision and informs them of their admission status.


Participants who successfully complete the programme will receive:

  • Executive Master in Hotel and Restaurant Company Management from Rey Juan Carlos University (INSTITUTIONAL)
  • Executive Master in Hotel and Restaurant Company Management by Ostelea School of Tourism & Hospitality (INSTITUTIONAL)
  • Executive Master in Hotel and Restaurant Company Management by EAE Business School(INSTITUTIONAL)

In order to receive the qualifications granted by EAE and the University, participants must fulfil the requirements stipulated by these institutions.


Ostelea gives candidates access to grants in the form of financial aid with the aim of providing support for our students.

Each application will be evaluated independently and the grants will be issued during the admission process, with the candidates being notified personally by the Admissions Committee before formalizing enrolment.

Under no circumstances are grants issued that represent 100% of the total enrolment fees.

Financial aid is offered in the following cases:

  • A deposit paid in advance to reserve a place.
  • The candidate’s profile meets the requirements for each program.
  • Former students of the School. In this case, a discount of 25% is applied to the enrolment fees.
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